Mining Intelligence Evaluate For Projects

Allocate investment dollars to projects that will build and sustain a robust supply pipeline for commodities into the future.

Informed investment decisions

This innovative, engineering-based application enables project developers and investors to assess or confirm if an early stage exploration project is remotely viable before making expensive investment decisions.

Quick high-level results

The application ensures a consistent approach to project evaluation for miners, explorers and investors — it delivers quick, high-level results that can be used to channel efforts and money into the highest potential projects.

Risk and uncertainty assessment

Tools within the application are available to run scenarios that assess project risk around grade and mill recovery, and quantify uncertainties around project cost estimates and revenue projections using Monte Carlo simulations.

Minimum effort. Powerful results.

With minimal project information including reserves/resources, production rate, commodities, and grades, the application uses rigorous engineering principles to mathematically model the mine from infrastructure development, through mining and mineral processing. Based on the model and base cost data, it calculates capital and operating cost estimates for the project. The application then analyzes and produces a complete cash flow schedule and computes the projected net present value, payback period, and internal rate of return on either a before- or after-tax basis.


All plans include a 2-week free trial and a 12 month subscription.

For your convenience you can choose monthly, quarterly, or annual billing (all auto-renewed).

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What's included

1 hour of dedicated customer support to get up and running
Ability to edit over 2,500 variables to fully customize your projects
Unlimited number of projects

What our customers are saying

"I'm not an engineer. My background is finance, so for me this was perfect. It makes life so much easier and it's so much more effective."

Financial Analyst

“My current process takes over a week to create one complete project cost estimate. This application would help me run some quick scenarios.”


“I would use it as a sanity check to a pre-feasibility study or a preliminary economic assessment.”

Investment Professional