Identify Properties and Gauge Their Potential

Mining Intelligence does the legwork for your team, so you can make smarter decisions, faster.

Finding and evaluating exploration targets is the key to any mining company’s success. Our Mining Intelligence applications can help you identify targets and quickly evaluate potential so that you can get ahead of the competition.

The Mining Intelligence Data application offers global corporate and asset data from 15k+ mining companies and 35k+ properties, through a user-friendly interface along with convenient download tools. The Data application facilitates the analysis of multiple datasets including commodity exposure, location, ownership, production, drill results, resources and more, allowing you to zero in on potential properties whenever you need to.

The Mining Intelligence Evaluation applications are designed to perform scoping and prefeasibility cost estimates based on engineering principles, as well as high level evaluations of properties based on a solid foundation of economic principles. By providing in-depth analyses of your projects, such as detailed capital and operating costs for mining and processing, net present value, payback period, rate of return, breakeven values, and risk and sensitivity, you can do a project sanity check in real time before investing more time and money.

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